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TRIBECA mission is to provide image – conscious clients with an alternative to the traditional “uniform” by offering fashionable, retail inspired clothing that their employees look forward to wearing every day. 

At TRIBECA we are committed to meeting evolving needs of women and men who want stylish and versatile professional clothing that offers great quality and durability and that inspires the wearer to look as good as they feel.

TRIBECA clients give great importance on how they are perceived and we strive to serve as a trusted advisor to help with all of their professional wardrobe needs.

TRIBECA Medical Uniforms is the industry’s most stylish and comfortable line of medical wear. We strive to be your choice for professional, durable and cost effective medical uniforms.

We pride ourselves with providing high quality medical uniforms to professionals. Whether you are a Veterinarian, Dentist, Nurse, Doctor or Child Care professional TRIBECA has the right uniforms to fit your needs. Crafted from high quality fabrics like 100% cotton and poly cotton blends, our scrubs will provide your staff with long-lasting durability in the hospital or office. 

TRIBECA Hospitality Collection is the industry’s most stylish, retail inspired line of uniforms and professional apparel for hotels, bars, restaurants, airlines, retail chains and any other company whose primary goal is to provide a high level of hospitality and service to its clients. From full custom design to easy in stock, TRIBACA Hospitality collection gives you the opportunity to dress your entire team in professional, stylish, durable and cost effective uniforms.

TRIBECA Career Collection offers a beautiful, luxurious refined office fashion seen through a modern lens and designed for how women and men live and work today. TRIBECA Career Collection embodies the well dress woman and man at work.


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